These Berms were designed to fulfill the need for a compact, highly portable, rugged Secondary Containment which could be stowed behind the seat of a pickup or in the cab of a locomotive.

The Portable Berm was designed to be deployed in seconds and withstand the effects of a wide range of climate conditions from arctic cold to desert heat. Portable Berms will stand-up to hot automotive fluids including oil, brake fluid, diesel, gasoline, and coolants. When the Portable Berm is deployed it can be used immediately.

It can also be pre-fitted with a disposable absorbent pad for easy clean-up. When the pad becomes contaminated, lift the retaining screen, remove the pad, and place in a container for proper disposal at a later time. The berm is then wiped dry, refolded, belted and stowed for re-use.

Portable Berms are made with a polymer material enhanced with a special compound that is good to a negative 65 degrees and up to 130 degrees

Berm - 556
1 each
Berm - 446
1 each

BERM-446 4’x4’x6”

Capacity - 59 Gallons

Berm - 336
1 each

BERM-336 3’x3’x6”

Capacity - 33 Gallons

Berm-folded.jpg Berm - 226
1 each